About Us

GVCS Office Staff
Front Row, Left to Right: Stephanie Janes, Executive Assistant; Terri Schiavone, Executive Director; Meg Rydman, Director of Education; and Mary Deyo, Administrative Assistant 
Back Row, Left to Right: Monica Romero, Support & Development Coordinator; Tricia Purcell, Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator; and Lori Llorence, Office Support Coordinator

GVCS Education Facilitators
Front Row, Left to Right: Melissa Barnett; Christine Albright; Angie Lee; Liz Gomez; Amanda Burns; and Jacqueline Halpin
Back Row, Left to Right: Hayley Hamilton; Laura Guy; and Anne Alday

Front Row, Left to Right: Racheal Yard; Appolina Osborne; and Jae Rauhut
Back Row, Left to Right: Tamie Stewart; Lorrie Veiga; Cindy Marston; Kelly Villalovos; Norma McBride; Erin Tillman; and Joyce Salsberry