Our Mission

Golden Valley Charter School, in partnership with our parents and our community, cultivates intrinsic motivation, diverse interests, and twenty-first century literacy in students through a Personalized Learning model. As an accredited TK-12 school, GVCS balances flexibility with accountability for students seeking a non-traditional educational setting.

Our Vision



GVCS stakeholders will revisit our student population annually to ensure we are appropriately managing our growth in order to meet our commitment to serving our stakeholders. Students, parents, and staff will continue to benefit from the ability to set ourselves apart from our competitors through innovation, expertise, customer service, and student academic achievement.


We will achieve sustainability through academic, fiscal, and legal accountability. We will meet academic goals necessary to achieve charter renewal. We will ensure audit compliance annually and be knowledgeable and compliant with legal regulations governing our school.



We are committed to maintaining an environment of personalized learning and academic choice in the midst of increasing and ever-changing demands on California charter schools.



By effectively tapping staff strengths, training opportunities, and community resources, we will support students in their journey to cultivate intrinsic motivation, diverse interests, and twenty-first century literacy.