Congratulations Graduates of 2020!

Anton Corletto, Student Graduation Speaker



The fear of failure was always a lingering concern during high school.  Just the mere thought of not fitting in, not passing the finals, or hell, not graduating. I would always ask myself. What would I do, and who would I become?

I would like to take this time to sincerely thank my beloved mother, and father, the friends who got me through tough times, and my amazing EF Liz Gomez. As well as all the educators and administrative staff at Golden Valley, and EIE.

From being in public school, to private school, to public once again, the thought of homeschooling did not sit well. Being homeschooled was a very difficult transition in my life. I was very upset and scared. I feared I wouldn’t be able to see my lifelong friends anymore, pull crazy pranks on the principal, and just enjoy socializing with new people. However, I will admit, the thought of doing work in my pjs was always entertaining. But that’s the thing, my view on homeschooling was so off, it’s funny to think back on how I was so stubborn and close-minded in the beginning.

Initially, not having a teacher constantly overlooking my shoulders was very strange. But with the continuous amount of help I received from my family and Liz; I was able to push through. There were many ups and down during high school. When I was a guitarist at the Colburn Music School, I had a performance coming up. The constant stream of nervousness stressed me out.  I felt I was not prepared for the concert at all. In the throes of sulking, I concluded to not preform and give up music entirely. My father was a professional musician, and he guided me through my fears. I ultimately decided to put in the work and get over my insecurities, by doing the very thing that I feared most, performing. Ironically enough through hours of practice, I exceeded my own expectations. Thinking back, I am truly grateful to have the profound support of my family.

My advice to you would be stay true to yourself and cherish all the blessings presented to you in your life. There is a universal law that essentially states, you get more of what you focus on, so make sure you focus on gratitude.


Anton’s Thoughts

Hi, my name is Anton Giovanni Corletto. I am an amateur MMA fighter striving to be the greatest. My hobbies consist of hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving, ATVing, musical arts, gaming, and watching sunsets with my significant other (my dog).

My plans for the future are to be a professional UFC fighter as well as an entrepreneur. I plan to travel the world and truly experience various cultures.  Ultimately, my plan is to help impoverished communities throughout the world. This will be no easy feat, however with my unrelenting determination, I believe my goals will be accomplished.

Looking back, I have fond memories as well as sad ones. The family pets which I grew up with, died in 2018 & 2019. These events left me emotionally devastated. However, despite these unfortunate events, I’ve had several amazing memories. From traveling to the highest peak on Mount Everest and the rugged terrain of Patagonia, to horseback riding on the beach of Baja California, earning promotions in sports, to even performing at the Colburn Music school. However, above all the adventures I’ve experienced, I cherish the amazing friendships that I developed with other homeschoolers the most.

My advice to you youngins would be to enjoy life’s unpredictable moments and be yourself! I’ve learned to enjoy life by accepting who I am with a good sense of humor. Even though you’ll encounter hardships throughout life, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve who you are. Stay positive about the future and be willing to work hard to accomplish your goals.


Dedication to Anton Corletto

Son, we are proud of the achievements you have accomplished so far. The day we brought you home from the hospital in late October 2002, we never could’ve imagined how fast the time would go. You’ve become such as handsome young man with a heart of gold. You love your family and cherish your friends. You’re always the one others can count on, and no matter where you go; you attract people like a magnet. Others quickly recognize you’re a leader with a servant’s heart. We know you’ll achieve great milestones that will leave a positive impact on others. Keep the word of God close to guide you along this adventure called life.


Mom, Dad, & Aiden

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Harmony Alarcon


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Andrew Euredjian



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David Jennings
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Tabitha Marschner

Tabitha’s Thoughts

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with GVCS & believe it has prepared me for a very successful future. In the fall of 2020, I will begin my journey at The Master’s University pursuing a bachelor’s in business. I first want to thank God for giving me the strength and courage to press on both academically and spiritually through my high school years. I also want to thank my friends and family for their endless support and sacrifices. I will never forget the amazing experiences & lessons I have learned while being with GVCS & I’m very excited to see what the future holds.


Dear Tabitha,

I’m so proud of your great accomplishment. You’ve become a beautiful young lady – it feels like you were just born yesterday and now you’re ready to conquer the world. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.”  Love, Dad

Dear Tabitha,

It’s been my privilege to be your teacher, counselor, and tutor.  I’ll always cherish the fun times we’ve shared.  You’ve grown into a beautiful young lady, full of strength and promise. You are well-equipped for your next stage of life, embrace it!  I know you’ll be amazing at whatever you set out to do.  Love, Mom

Dear Terri,

I would like to give honor to you, Meg Rydman, and all of your staff at Golden.  We have been with Golden Valley for over 16 years and have found the staff to be professional, personal, and very committed.  Through the years they have worked very diligently to help our children to achieve academic excellence.

Thank you again for your amazing dedication.

Terese Marschner

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Jordyn Barnes


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